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2014 DERBY

With the treat of rain the derby was started and with Mother Nature on our side the race was a great success.


First place  winners

1st place winners

Class A Robert Wyatt, Class B Marilyn LaShomb, Class C Sarah Bailey, Class D Robert Odem


Second place winners

2nd place winners

Class A Jacob Stafford, Class B Ethan Stafford, Class C Darla LaShomb, Class D Blaine Laurie

3rd place winners

3rd place winners

Class A Keely Fiorelli, Class B Bella Rittenhouse, Class C Melia Abbott, Class D John Carroll

4th place winners

4th place winners

Class A Shane Kelly, Class B Jonathan Liss, Class C Maggie Mastic, Class D Julie Griesbbach

Buddy Derby

Buddy Derby

Reed Kelly, Katelyn Foster


For More Photos click on link below!

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