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2013 DERBY

      August 3rd was a day that was cloudy with possible rain.

We had tents to cover the pit area and ramps. 

A little rain at times but not enough to stop any of the  races. 

Some of the races were very close only losing by 1000 of a second.

Winners in the classes:

1st Place

A: Matthew Alfree,  B: Ashton Stafford, C: Thomas Maddams, D: Darla LaShomb

804 1st place

2nd Place

A: Robert Wyatt, B: Charles Wyatt, C: Ariyanna German, D: Gianna Abbott

803 2nd place

3rd Place

A: Jonathon Borrow, B: Auston Stafford, C: Kylie Treible, D; Julie Graesbach

802 3rd place

4th Place

A: Kelly Firoelli, B: Jalynn Titus, C: Brett Trago, D: Briyanna Williams

801 4th place

More Photos and a Video go to the link below!!!

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