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Still don’t seem to get anyone interested in having  their special needs kids race in a Soapbox Derby along side of other kids.

Parents you only need to let us know you are coming so we can be prepared.

Bring the kids to the track, on race day, we will do the rest!!

801                             First time buddy


Just stand back and watch their big smile as they go down the hill!!!

The Buddy derby was added to the Pushmobile Derby so that kids with special needs could also race, by using a buddy to help, the car seats 2.

These racers only race against other buddy racers.

Years ago children with only limited physcial handicaps raced in the derby!

Any child can also race if they only have a linited physcial handicap,  like can not walk,  regular derby cars can be modified for them to use, they would compete just like the rest of the contestants (racers).

There are no losers in the DAP Pushmobile Derby.

For more info please e-mail us, there is no cost for this race only a good time for the contestants at

Watch them having fun on this video from 1997.


2012 Buddy Derby