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Need Contestants to get Number from so as they can get bonds have years of kids without numbers.

Parents please get numbers, once you get your number go back and create a minor account under your account, this is the number we need. If any contestant has turned 18 get your own number and send it, you will get your bond(s).

E-Mail this number to

If you are having a problem getting the numbers let us know we can help, e-mail us!


 Web site:

Once the parent has an account established you go to Manage Direct located across the top of your account page.

 Under Manage Linked Accounts click on Establish a minor linked account.

 Enter Child’s name, social security and date of birth, then click on the button to use my account info then click submit. 

 You need to agree to terms and click submit, again. 

 The screen will remain on the link account info but if you click on the original account number in top right you can go back to your original account and repeat the steps for multiple racers.

 When you have established each racer’s account number, please e-mail the number to the derby at .

 Once received, we will issue the gift and transfer the funds to the racer’s account.

It may take time, but all racer’s will get their bonds.

 Any questions please E-Mail us.



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