DAP Derby

Next meeting May 7th, 6:30 PM DAP Hall, Wilmington.

Now is the time to get your kids into the derby, remember  we have cars that they can use, let us know so we can line you up to get them.

The  latest time to enter is at one of the trial runs .   The trial runs are July 12th and the 19th.  All new contestants  (kids),  if you need a car let  us know before so we can bring it to the trial runs for your kids to try,  to see if they want to race.

It is always a great event and we would like it to make it better and bigger but we need contestants (KIDS) to race.

This is a Family event so the whole family can enjoy on race day, just make it a Family Outing,  someting the whole family can do together. Just look at some of our pictures with tents down the track and families having a good time.

Derby Car for Sale

For Sale

For Sale








Thanks to all of the businesses who support the derby.

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